I grew up in a conservative catholic household where sex was taboo. These handcrafted vessels are created with the intention to break away from the suppression of sexual expression, normalize the yoni and embrace all that it is, and empower womyn and all genders.

Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for the vagina, believed to be a ‘sacred place’. I’d like for my work to remind all genders how sacred and beautiful the yoni is.

Not only are these ceramic yonis utilitarian items but they are interactive as well! No more shame or embarrassment as one holds and touches a yoni while drinking tea.

The design I use is simple and almost abstract, drawing inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings, nature itself, and eyes. If we look closely yonis are everywhere! So why not celebrate and educate instead of shaming? I hope to help with the yoni normalization movement and start conversations with my work.